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  • Leek Quiche

    Leek Quiche
       There is nothing easier and more satisfying than a delicious quiche, it can be for breakfast, lunch, a snack, a light dinner...The French make this wonderful "pie" as much as they buy them, it's a part of the culture and as we well know, nowadays, the world has embraced it as well. Enjoy it!
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  • Simple Roast Turkey

    Simple Roast Turkey
        For all the attention we all give to the Turkey on Thanksgiving (if you cooked one before), the truth is that all this work does not mean it will necessarily yield a better bird. Melisa Clark, from the New York Times, have an incredible simple roast turkey recipe that its worth sharing, keep in mind that millions of americans this year will be doing it for the first time. It's the famous 2020 and here at www.lellopetrelo.com we are VERY aware of that! 
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  • Turkey Gravy With Drippings

    Turkey Gravy With Drippings
          The gravy is what makes everything comes alive, at least, this is how I feel. If you know al ittle bit about me and us at lellopetrelo.com, you know that we value true natural flavors and we don't like to complicate beautiful simple things. With that in mind and the help of the New York Times Cooking team, we found a recipe that we tried and it is wonderful.
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