About The Founder

The founder of Lello Petrelo, Rogerio Callegari is no stranger to the culinary world. Raised from classical Italian roots, from his mother to his Nonna with secret family recipes in the kitchen. His dual Italian heritage, first-generation Brazilian nationality, and culinary education, gives him a unique sophisticated global palate.

He has been involved in the specialty food market for 12 years. As his passion for food developed at a very young age, it further expanded his curiosity for the culinary arts. On his numerous travels exploring the vast array of global culinary adventures, he enrolled in courses at the Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and eventually completed a two-year culinary degree from the Florida Culinary Institute.

Rogerio, started this high-end online ingredient store when he created his own brand of macadamia nuts called Macademics. Eventually, he decided to get into olive oils (which is a natural shoo-in since oils are typically extracted from nuts) to purchase a lot of small batch production of Spanish organic extra virgin olive oil. Callegari Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil was born and was such a hit, not to mention one of the best sellers at Lello Petrelo, that he instinctively expanded to purchase a production of complimentary fig balsamic directly from Modena, Italy.

Lello Petrelo boasts a line of designer sea salts; jams and confits from France all done with precision cooking to keep all the flavors and nutrients intact; honeys from Occitane, in the South of France with their world-renowned floral scents like lavender, orange blossom, and other various aromatic Provence flowers, and much, much more.

Looking for a place to shop that sells only high-quality gourmet ingredients? Every item you purchase is produced in small controlled batches, by specialized manufacturers throughout the world-- from the basics to the specialties.

Check back often for more epicurean treats and recipes that tantalize and tease your palate, as well as expand your culinary repertoire.

Look out for the launch of our line of hemp seeds and hemp oil from our own organic farms located in California. We value the environment as much as you and we aim to utilize product packaging for this line that is eco-friendly and part of our corporate environmental responsibility to you.

We ship everywhere directly to you from Napa Valley, a region in the US known for its high-end wines, restaurants, and gourmet and gourmand clientele.


A Legacy of Flavor: The Lello Petrelo Story

At Lello Petrelo we believe in the transformative power of exceptional food. Our founder, Rogerio Callegari, is a living testament to this philosophy. Raised amidst the warmth of an Italian kitchen, enveloped by the wisdom of his mother and Nonna, his passion for culinary artistry was ignited early on.

Rogerio’s heritage is a beautiful tapestry woven from his classical Italian roots to his Brazilian nationality. This unique blend has fostered a sophisticated global palate, one that craves not just deliciousness, but a true exploration of flavor.

Fueling a lifelong passion, Rogerio spent over a decade immersed in the world of specialty foods. His travels became a culinary odyssey, leading him to renowned institutions like Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and ultimately, a two-year culinary degree from the prestigious Florida Culinary Institute.

Today, Lello Petrelo embodies Rogerio’s unwavering pursuit of exquisite taste. We curate a collection of gourmet products sourced from around the globe, each one a testament to exceptional quality and captivating flavor.

Join us on this delicious journey. Discover the difference that curated excellence can make on your table.