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Famille Perronneau French Lavender Honey

Famille Perronneau French Lavender Honey

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Immerse Yourself in a Love Story on the Coast: Maritime Lavender Honey

Unveil the essence of a sun-drenched summer in every drop of our Maritime Lavender Honey. Crafted by bees flitting between fragrant lavender fields kissed by the salty Mediterranean breeze, this honey is a culinary love poem waiting to be discovered.

Experience a symphony of taste:

  • A love song of sweetness and salt: Delicate lavender notes dance with a subtle kiss of the sea, creating a uniquely captivating flavor profile.
  • An ode to culinary artistry: Drizzle this liquid gold over fresh fruit, cheeses, or warm scones, for a touch of romantic elegance that elevates every bite.
  • A whisper of summer on your palate: Infuse your favorite beverages with a touch of Maritime Lavender Honey, for a refreshing and unforgettable taste sensation.

Indulge in the pure essence of nature, a single ingredient: 100% Honey.

Size: 8.8 oz

Embrace the romance of the coast, one exquisite spoonful at a time.

Please note: While Maritime Lavender Honey boasts natural health benefits, this description focuses solely on its culinary experience to maintain a romantic and food-centric approach.


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