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Il Boschetto Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Il Boschetto Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Immerse Your Senses in a Sicilian Serenade: Lemon-Infused Il Broschetto Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Unleash a symphony of citrus sunshine with every drizzle of our Il Broschetto Extra Virgin Olive Oil, infused with the essence of sun-kissed Sicilian lemons. This liquid gold elevates your culinary creations to new heights, weaving a romantic tapestry of flavor and fragrance.

Embrace the allure of the Mediterranean:

  • A love song of citrus and olive: The vibrant zest of lemons dances in perfect harmony with the rich, buttery notes of premium Italian olive oil, creating a captivating and unforgettable sensory experience.
  • The essence of romance on a plate: Drizzle this golden elixir over freshly caught white fish, enhance the vibrancy of a leafy salad, or simply transform a simple crostini with warm goat cheese into a culinary masterpiece.

A testament to Italian artistry: This beautifully packaged olive oil, a gift worthy of any occasion, is the creation of generations of passionate Italian olive oil producers, ensuring the highest quality and authenticity in every drop.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lemon Infused, Natural Lemon Flavoring.

Country: Italy

Size: 6.7 fl oz

Embrace the romance of the Italian riviera, one exquisite drizzle at a time.

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