Teas from Versailles

Teas from Versailles


Our elite selection of teas
comes directly from the Gardens of Versailles and were the Royal Warrants of Appointment to the French Court during the time of Marie Antoinette and Louis XIV. This was the gilded age of the “Sun King”, “Le Grand Siecle” or the Great Century. It was the period of unprecedented prosperity and decadence associated with the greatest age of French culture and art.

Nina’s from Paris manufactures the Marie Antoinette tea flavorthat is blended with rose petals and apple essence. This rose essence was first distilled by “La Distillerie Frères”, the first perfume company that became the official fragrance supplier to the court of Louis XIV. Marie Antoinette herself would supervise the product purchases. Today, Nina’s in Pl. Vendome in Paris proudly displays the original order and invoices from the Queen. The apple essence in this tea variety comes from more than a 150 species of now almost extinct apple trees;grown onsite organically, free of pesticides and fertilizers. The fruits and plants that are grown and cultivated in the gardens of Versailles remain the same today as it was in the 1600’s.

Nina’s Marie Antoinette loose leaf tea is a delightful blend of Sri Lankan Ceylon tea. This medium bodied tea base been the choice for most high-end tea manufacturers since it has maintained a reputation for producing the finest quality teas in the world. This is available in both loose leaf or individual sachets, making it an elegant addition to any tea box.

All lellopetrelo.com teas from Nina’s Marie Antoinette’s house of teas were blended with the unique aromatics according to Marie Antoinette’s favorite recipes that came from the court of Versailles. Fine dining at Versailles was legendary, and with the oldest vegetable garden in the world at their fingertips, the best chefs, the genesis of French culture and refined dishes was born—including teas.

For a dessert lover’s palate, try Nina’s Je T’aime Tea. This is aCeylon base with vanilla and caramel aromatics to impart a sweet, creamy, buttery flavor.  

For the citrus spice lover in you, try Nina’s Paris Fete de Versailles. This black tea base has the citrusy aromatic of orange peel melded with the hint of chocolate and tobacco from the delicate safflower petals.

Each of our loose teas are packaged in elegant tins that protect against oxidization from light and air to protect the integrity of the product.

Enjoy them and enjoy the season !

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