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by Rogerio Callegari



Condiments are an essential part of crafting delicious food. Or used as a supplement to enhance and complement a dish. Who hasn’t heard about mustard and ketchup? Did you know that mustard was originally manufactured to cover up the not so fresh flavors of food? Thankfully those days are over.

Mustard generally contains whole mustard seeds that are cracked, ground, or mashed then mixed with water, vinegar, lemon juice, wine, salt, and spices, to create a paste. The mixture can range in color from bright yellow to dark brown. The texture can range from rough with whole grains or smooth like the cheap stuff in the yellow squirt bottle. Mustard palates also range from sweet like raisin mustard, to spicy like our Sur les Quais Mustard with Espelette Chili. Fruity, or vegetal like our Sur Le Quais Mustard with Herbs des Provence; and lastly by the strength in palate or power notes.

Clearly, not all mustards are created equal. If you are a discerning patron of gourmet food with a sophisticated palate like us here at Lello Peterelo, then only the best will do.

Our Pommery mustards from Meaux have a rich history dating back to 1632. It’s born from the Champagne region that is prized for its millstones, and are still in use today. These legendary millstones are typically used to grind up mustard seeds and flour. And any good miller who knows the value of great millstones.

Pommery’s boasts a three centuries old recipe and manufacturing that has remained unchanged today. One of the main components that goes into mustard, giving it the acidity profile is the vinegar. The vinegars that go into these artisanal mustards are produced by a family of vinegar craftsmen from the 19th century which gives the Pommery mustards its unmatched excellence, and diversity in flavor profiles.

The Pommery Cognac Mustard Stone flavor has a hint of spiciness and a semi-medium sweetness. It is medium in power as far as the mustard flavor with scented notes of cognac. The special blending of spices with cognac give this condiment a rich flavor that pairs well with veal, lamb, roasts and smoked meats. 6% cognac content

Pommery Lion's Mustard Stone Jar is a stronger blending of Dijon mustard. Finely ground mustard seeds and strained for a smooth texture. It’s been served on the tables of kings since the 1600’s. Excellent pairing with stronger gamier red or white meats, or just a dab in a vinaigrette sauce.

Both our Pommery mustards come in a stylish, eco-friendly earthenware crock with a wax seal. These iconic looks are synonymous with gourmet French cuisine.

Our mustard flavors will enhance any meat or fish dish, will make for a memorable meal, and perfect for any food lover.

Love and Gratitude.



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