A fondue can be both sweet or savory. The Swiss have their famous savory cheese fondue. It is a communal pot of warmed, melted cheese where everyone dips their own bread, vegetables, meats and even seafood.

Here at we have our own upscale line of seven chocolate fondue recipes for your perfect holiday celebration. The Chocolate Orange Christmas Fondue consists of dark chocolate with candied orange. This pairs perfectly with fruits, nuts or even drizzled on top of a souffle or pound cake.

One of the best sellers in this line is the Aux Anysetiers du Roy Dark Chocolate Fondue with Hazelnuts. The combination of crushed hazelnuts and chocolate is what makes this Nutella-ish fondue such an irresistible flavor.

Are you a purist who loves dark chocolate? Then the Aux Anysetiers du Roy Dark Chocolate Fondue with 70% cocoa content is the right flavor for you. Made from Trinitario beans of Costa Rica from a farm certified Rainforest Alliance, this fondue is a tribute to chocolate. The simplicity of this fondue showcases the excellence of the chocolate.

Dark chocolate to bitter for you but still a purist? Then this is the one for you. The Aux Anysetiers du Roy Milk Chocolate Fondue. This will produce a less bitter finish due to the higher content of cocoa butter and lower content of cocoa.

The Aux Anysetiers du Roy Milk Chocolate Fondue with Crispy Rice is for those of you looking for a little texture in your fondue. Most fondues are silky and smooth which can sometimes bore a palate, this flavor will guarantee to put a step in your crunch. Great mix when paired with a traditional smooth fondue.

The Iconic Stoneware

The house of Le Fondue au Chocolat in Paris creates our Aux Anysetiers du Roy fondues in eco-friendly clay stoneware crocks. They brought home the concept of ready to eat melted chocolate. Their unique stoneware tumblers retain its heat index for 45 minutes, so you do not even need a special fondue warmer or set up. Just heat in a microwave or a bain marie. These iconic crocks are a signature of French cuisine. It is typically associated with the region of Provence, especially for their Herbs de Provence in ceramic jars.

Our fondues are made with high quality chocolate, with both dark and milk varieties available; hand filled and packed into these iconic stoneware pots. Not only do they make a perfect holiday gift, but a great activity to share with your own family. The versatility of fondues is endless; dunk as a traditional fondue for fruits and nuts, topping for cakes, ice cream, crepe fillers, and more. Check out all 7 flavors today!

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