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Tennessee Black Truffle Honeycomb

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Indulge true Southern comfort with this golden Georgia honeycomb, infused with fresh black truffles from Chuckey, Tennessee. Showcasing raw star thistle honey from Savannah, the completely edible honeycomb offers a delicious combination of flavors and textures, blending the honey's delicate sweetness with the deep, earthy flavors of the truffles. It's a great addition to a cheese board—or enjoy it on a baguette or in a grilled cheese sandwich. You can also use bits of the honeycomb to top everything from pancakes, waffles and ice cream to your favorite salads. This extraordinary American honeycomb comes to us from Ian Purkayastha of Regalis Foods, a top purveyor of rare truffles and authentic truffle condiments for Michelin-starred chefs around the world. Enjoy it!