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Giuseppe Giusti

Giuseppe Giusti La Riserva Di Famiglia Calamaio di Vittoria - Balsamic Vinegar

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The Family Reserve is the special line of fine balsamic vinegars and condiments dedicated to the Giusti family ancestors. The "Piccole Donne" is a series of sweet, delicate and considerable dense condiments, recalling the local custom, still used today, of bottling small quantities of a family production of balsamic vinegar. The tradition wants these small glass bottles finished by hand, sealed with raw rope and red wax. Aged in wine barrels, with the addition of aged balsamic vinegar drawn from a series of centuries old casks. Estimated age 12 years.

”Supremacy of quality grapes, various timbers and time” has always been our method of creating a prestigious elixir, a handed down tradition of our family since 1605. Loyalty to a family tradition which was awarded in the 19th century with 14 gold medals and the prestigious role of Official Supplier to the King of Italy, today Giusti continues this tradition, aging the product into a crescendo of flavors and aromas thanks to the world’s most important collection of ancient casks.

It’s perfect with pasta, risotto, raw mixed salads, omelette, cheeses are served with only a few drops. 

Country: Italy

Size: 1.6 oz