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Callegari Olive Oil

Callegari Sonoma Pacific Sea Salt

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Harvested in the United States, Sonoma Pacific Sea Salt is harvested from evaporation ponds in Northern California drawn from the waters of the Pacific Ocean. It’s a conventional, economical choice that offers the clean, crisp flavor of all-natural sea salt. Sonoma Sea Salt is kosher certified, all natural, and Optically Clean®, maintaining the high quality standards of our brand. Sonoma contains no anti-caking or free flowing agents.

Fine Grain: Sonoma Pacific Sea Salt in Fine grain is ideal for salt shakers. An essential in any commercial and residential kitchen, it is perfect for everyday cooking, baking and brining. This salt is also easily incorporated as an ingredient in food products for manufactures & processors.

Country: USA (Sonoma Pacific Coast)

Net Weight: 5.0 oz (142g)