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Olive Oil Benefits of Callegari Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil



There are many known olive oil benefits, such as its anti-inflammatory properties and protection against heart disease just to name a few. Callegari Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% organic, 100% first cold pressed from Andalucia, Spain. This means, no pesticides whatsoever are used, and they adhere to the strictest EU regulations, and employ a strict no synthetic fertilizer or herbicide policy. Organic means organic.

Their extra virgin olive oil is free from any alterations. This means no color, taste, nutrients or vitamin additives. This first cold press is made when olives are crushed into a pulp using only force, and no heat or chemicals. EVOO, or extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality you can buy that delivers the best olive oil benefits.

They are so committed to their product quality that their European suppliers have their own quality programs in place such as:

  • HACCP Plans / SQF program or equivalent
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs)
  • 3rd Party Audits
  • Organic Audits
  • Non-GMO Project Verified Audits
  • Kosher Certifications & Audits

In addition to this, they demand from their growers the basic documentation such as a certificate of analysis.

The olives used in Callegari extra virgin olive oil are grown and harvested specifically in the municipality of Ecija which belongs to the province of Seville. The terroir, or complete natural environment that encompasses the soil, topography, and climate, produces an oil that has a high level of un-ripened fruit, balanced with the perfect about of bitter almonds.

The hojiblanca olive variety is specifically what makes up Callegari’s organic extra virgin olive oil. It ripens late in the harvest season and has dominant flavor profiles of green apple and tomato coupled with a robust, fruity aroma, and rich nutty flavor. It’s flavor strength as an oil would fall into the mild to medium category, making it very versatile in usage.

Callegari extra virgin olive oil posts an acidity level at .28 percent and .3 percent is considered the highest quality. So not only will you reap the maximum olive oil benefits from this artisan olive manufacturer, but you are purchasing the best quality oil you can possibly buy.

This high-quality olive oil manufacturer goes as far as ensuring that the olive oil benefits will not dissipate or diminish upon purchase and storage. They import their oil in barriques package their oil in Napa Valley, in specialized bottles used in the perfume industry. It is specially coated with an FDA approved material that blocks light, UV and minimizes heat, ensuring the protection and integrity of your product. So, you don’t miss out on the olive oil benefits.

Best Used in Culinary Applications: vinaigrettes, dipping bread in its pure form, roasting vegetables, sautéing, marinates, sauces, pastas, bring up the smoke point of butter…the applications are as endless as your imagination.

Try a bottle of our best seller today! Create a fabulous tasting meal and reap the many benefits of olive oil!