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Jam or Confit?

by Rogerio Callegari
Jam or Confit?, Jam, Confit, Fig and Balsamic Confit, Fig and Balsamic Jam



Confit or jam? Lello Petrelo carries both confit or jams for any dish you wish to use as a compliment to savory foods for a condiment, glaze, fruit topping to crepes, cheese boards, pancakes or waffles. Whatever flavor confit or jam you purchase form Lello Petrello, the uses can be endless.

Confit or confitures, will generally be more expensive that jams and jellies since there has to be a minimum of 45% fruit that is cooked longer than the other methods. It is infused in sugar, pectin and other gelling agents. Pectin is a structural “cement” found in many fruits that gives the product its structure. Take for instance Lello Petrelo’s Favols Champagne Confit, it contains 50% champagne grapes from the Champagne region in the north of France. The high content of champagne grapes in this confit can produce notes of minerality and flower due to the rich limestone and chalky terroir in that region. This pairs well with foie gras, duck breast, wild game pates and blue cheese.

Other fruit confit can also be used in this method. But typically, they are made out of smaller fruits since larger fruits can be much more expensive to subject to the lengthy confit cooking process. For instance, Lello Potrello’s Favols Fig and Balsamic Vinegar confit boasts a 77% fig content, giving it prominent notes of berry, honey, and sugar. This high-quality confit be used as a condiment like chutney. Perfect for grilled pork chops, chicken, other white meats, and goat cheeses.

The process of making jam is much simpler and more rustic due to a simpler, shorter cooking times. In jams, the fruit is mashed and macerated in sugar and cooked on a slow boil for about half an hour and the fruit flavors are much more concentrated, fresher, with chunky pieces. It typically consists of fruit, sugar and an acid like lemon juice. Pectin is optional since the formulation can be reduced to thicken it up and sugar acts as its primary preservative. But in the commercial jam process, they will typically use pectin, and there would need to be a minimum of 35% fruit. In Lello Petrelo’s Favols Blueberry & 5 Mixed peppercorn jam, there’s a 55% blueberry content with a hint of spiciness from the peppercorns. Expect your palate to get much stronger burst of, fresher, richer fruit flavor than the average jam manufacturer. Pair with goat cheese, stilton, manchego; spread on crepes, use as a condiment to venison, pork chops, or duck breast. If you are as adventurous as the Swedes and the Norwegians, try this as a condiment with gravlax.

If you want more culinary suggestions or ideas for any of our confit or jam pairings, drop us a line below! We’d also love to hear how you are using our products and could feature your recipe ideas!

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