Hungarian Ricotta Tart with Raisins

Hungarian Ricotta Tart with Raisins


Every European country has its own variations on desserts, and Hungary is no different. With a range that covers sponge cakes, cream cakes, pastries and even dough cooked on a spit, Hungary’s delicious desserts have something for everyone…

Túrós Pite:

This version, sent by the one and only Maria Regina Sabó, a family member I have the pleasure to introduce here, she is one of the most elegant woman I know. Her husband's Hungarian heritage and her talent to cook was the perfect combination to advance her skills into the culinary world even more, today she owns a vast archive of recipes and she doesn't think twice when we ask her to share some with us. Enjoy it!



1 can of condensed milk;

2 cans of milk (use the condensed milk can as measurement);

4 eggs (separate the whites from the yolks);

500 g / 17.6 oz of Ricotta Cheese;

3 tablespoons of sugar;

150 g/ 5.3 oz of raisins ;


In a blender add the condensed milk, the milk, the yolks (strain them),  the ricotta cheese and the sugar till they form little balls, almost with the appearance of drier cottage cheese. 

Whip the whites till they are on point, like if you were to be making a merengue, or till it sticks to the whippers.

Add this to the mixture you blended previously, very slowly and very gently. 

Prepare the tart/ pie container of your choice with butter and flour and add this mixture to it.

Spread the raisins on top, unevenly.

Take it to the over, medium heat (about 350 F), and let it bake till it is golden in color. 

Maria Regina adds another twist to this recipe, she keeps the raisins in cognac for about 15 minutes before she ads to the mixture and also ads a little bit of orange shredded peels, imagine the scent at your home?

Enjoy it! 

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